Deluxe Game Accessories

Designed for use with SCRABBLE® Brand Crossword Games

NOTE: All sales of boards, timers, and tile racks are now back on-line.

Due to fluctuation of the US dollar (vs. other currencies), prices have been updated accordingly.

If you should find an error in one (or more PRICES), please send us an e-mail.

We reserve the right to cancel / revise any order (because of erronous pricing on our website).

We have made numberous PRICE changes, and occasionally we do make a mistake.

We will quickly refund any incorrectly priced order, then notify you ASAP (after we have fixed the incorrect pricing). We do appreciate your understanding that mistakes do happen.

OTHER important things to note :

A nice Monte Cristo pen is included with EVERY fold-up or round board order
- - - choice of pen barrel color (Cranberry, Black, or Blue).

A simple tile bag is included with EVERY Adjudicator 3000 or 3500 timer purchase
- - - choice of tile bag color (Red, Black, or Blue).

A set of tile racks is now a total of three (3). A third (3rd) tile rack has been added to allow for taking your favorite rack to another board / table, while still leaving 2 racks at your board (for others to be able to use your board) while you play elsewhere.

However, we do suggest painting the ends of your racks a bright color (and adding your initials with a Sharpie pen), thus allowing you to find (your) errant racks quickly.

During your PayPal order, you should be prompted to "INCLUDE A NOTE TO THE VENDOR" where you can specify (pen or tile bag) color preference. If not prompted to include a note, then please send a follow-up email. Otherwise we will substitute colors.

Pens & tile bags are promotional items only, and are NOT SOLD individually.

Sincerely ............. Gene Tyszka

Adjudicator 3000 Game Timer Adjudicator 3000 Game Timer Adjudicator 3500 Game Timer
Tile Racks
Adjudicator 3000TM (grey) Adjudicator 3000TM (black) Adjudicator 3500TM (grey) Extra Long Non-tipping Tile Racks
Fold Up Board Acrylic Board Tile Bag Deluxe Board
Fold-up boards Acrylic boards Tile Bag Deluxe boards