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Designed for use with SCRABBLE® Brand Crossword Games


We have recently made the decision to wrap up our SCRABBLE business (effective December 2020).

Our electrical engineer retired recently (in middle of timer design & software upgrade). Finding a comparable (and affordable) replacement was a lengthy, and futile exercise (that eventuality led to the decision to shut down).

All inventory will be sold off (until items run out). We will continue to make products (until end of 2020).

Prices have been slashed at least 50% (or more).

Wood tile racks are gradually being replaced by acrylic ones (with a colored strip to match board). All boards now include acrylic racks (unless you follow up via email asking for wood tile racks (only available until stock runs out).

See the new style tile racks here: Acrylic tile racks

All timer warranties will expire December 31, 2020. However, repairs past that date may still be possible.

Adjudicator timers may be a bit dated, but they still (accurately) outperform cheap timers sold by another vendor.

Timers manufacturered since 1996 are still in use today. That's longevity!

And now, you can get one at a great price.

Also, a CHERRY RED fold-up board is now available. Click here to see Cherry Red fold-up board

NOTE - Promo items (pens, tile bags, etc.) will be dicontinued as inventory runs out.

There will be no further discounts. These are "FINAL" prices.

PRICES pages have been re-configured to list all products (consolidated by currency & shipping destination).
          (eg. to US – sold in USD, to UK – sold in GBP, in Canada – sold in CAD, etc.)

Please use the following pages (for purchasing). They will eventually be accessable from MENUS (top of pages).

USA - Ship to USA

Canada - Ship in Canada

UK (Britain) - Ship to UK (Britain)

Europe - Ship to Europe

Rest of WORLD - Ship to Rest of World

We have made some engineering changes to the premium tile squares (on our boards).

Unfortunately, we had a batch of non-glare grids that amplified blurriness (of the premium squares).

After some testing, we decided on a larger font (and adjusted colors). Not perfect; but way better than before.

We have (voluntarily) replaced the grid and premium squares on some recent board purchases (due to the above).

With that, we will now offer to replace the grid of any board purchased since January 01, 2017.

However, you MUST first send us an email BEFORE returning top board for grid & premium squares replacement.

Shipping costs (sending to us & back to you) will be your responsibility.

A check for $50.00 (payable to GENE TYSZKA) must be included with board (top only) return.

NOTE - Only returns from USA or Canada are eligible for repair. Questions? Email us - gene@genetimer.com

You will be required to complete a Canada Customs declaration (with a detailed description - which we will can help with) when shipping back to us (in Canada). Incomplete or wrongly stated declarations may incur Canada Custom charges, as well as 13% taxes due. Packages arriving with customs charges (owing) may be refused, with the package being returned (back to you) - at your expense. Do it right, and it should arrive (without duty or taxes).

As always, thank you to all our customers who have made our products a staple of the tournament & club scene.

Sincerely ............. Gene Tyszka

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