Deluxe Game Accessories

Designed for use with SCRABBLE® Brand Crossword Games

We are continuing our SCRABBLE business (revised shutdown date - December 31st, 2021).

All inventory being sold off. Incidental items (pens, tile bags, timer bags, totes) discontinued as they run out.

Prices reduced to cost (plus shipping) - with NO further price discounts (bulk order exceptions).

Wood tile racks replaced by acrylic ones (with colored strip to match board). Orders will include acrylic racks (unless you send an email asking for wood racks (available until stock runs out).

See the new style tile racks here: Acrylic tile racks

A CHERRY RED fold-up board is now available. Click here to see Cherry Red fold-up board

PRICES now configured for 3 currencies only (CAD, USD, GBP). EUROs purchasing discontinued.

Please use following web pages (for purchasing)

USA - Ship to United States

CANADA - Ship in Canada

UK (Britain) - Ship to UK (Britain)

Rest of WORLD - Ship to Rest of World

Any/all timer warranties will expire December 31, 2021.

As always, thank you to all our customers who have made our products a staple of the tournament & club scene.

Sincerely ............. Gene Tyszka

Adjudicator 3000 Game Timer Adjudicator 3000 Game Timer Adjudicator 3500 Game Timer
Tile Racks
Adjudicator 3000TM (grey) Adjudicator 3000TM (black) Adjudicator 3500TM (grey) Extra Long Non-tipping Tile Racks
Fold Up Board Acrylic Board Deluxe Board
Fold-up boards Acrylic boards Tile Bag Deluxe boards