Adjudicator 3500 Game Timer

Shipments of Adjudicator 3000 or 3500 timers (or fold-up board / timer combos) are now back on line.

A fold-up board combo with the 3000 timer will be available shortly.

Thank you for your patience & understanding.

For all board orders (round or fold-up) we are including a Monte Cristo pen W/24 carat accents with your order.

Adjudicator3500 (grey) thumbnail

3500 model - Unique features

  • BLACK "soft feel" PLAYER pushbuttons with separate RED LEDs
  • RED flush mounted "tactile feel" HOLD button (no light)
  • "Good quality" silver/brass contact switches - guaranteed accuracy one (1) million pushes
3500 model - Standard features (same as 3000)

  • 5-year limited non-transferable warranty
  • two (2) operating modes:
    • normal - countdown from 25 minutes for both players
    • programmable - countdown from 30 minutes down to 1 minute for either player in 5 or 1 minute intervals
  • easiest digital clock to set for different times - one (1) finger when in programmable mode
  • ten (10) second time delays with auto refresh built into program mode to allow ample time to set the clock for the times you want
  • negative time (max. -59:59) displayed in both normal & programmable modes
  • reset times in both normal & programmable modes by pressing HOLD button five (5) times
  • saves fractional seconds (internally) for your next turn - does not round time up or down
  • only minutes & seconds displayed - hour digits not required
  • timing is accurate to within 1/100 of a second
  • large round dot used for 60 second courtesy tile draw indicator
  • uses 2 AA batteries with easy access panel on bottom (see pictures below for close-up)
  • on/off slide switch on bottom - no multi-button / hold / push required to turn clock on or off
  • two (2) hour auto shutoff (just in case you forget to turn it off)
  • one (1) inch high display windows with 0.7 inch digits for easy readability
  • compact 2 piece lightweight aluminum case - overall length of only 7 inches

3500 model - Battery access

Battery3500open Battery3500closed

Padded (barrel type) Clock Bags - zippered

  • If no bag color is specified with clock order, any color may be substituted.
  • These bags also fit other digital game timers. These bags are also cheaper in price!
BlackBagClosed 3BagsClosed RedBagClosed