Fold-up Game Boards

Please read the information below BEFORE YOU ORDER ONE OF THESE BOARDS.

These boards are normally always in stock. On occasion there can be a delay in getting one out the door to you. In that event I will notify you ASAP (via e-mail).

NOTE: The raised grids used in these boards can have small imperfections visible within the clear plastic (grazing, spots, lines, etc.). These blemishes occur during the injection molding process. They will not impact play on the board, and will usually become less noticeable with usage.

Rest assured that you are being provided with the absolute best product that can be offered.

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  • Matte finish (non-glare) acrylic plastic - 1/8" (3.0mm) or 3/16" (4.5mm) thick (won't show fingerprints)
  • Made of 2 sections - folding playing grid (top) and turntable plate (bottom)
  • Turntable plate attaches firmly to underside of playing grid with magnets - easy installation & removal
  • Height of assembled board allows for visability of top of opponents tiles (as per tournament rules)
  • Curently FIVE colors (black, watermelon, colorless, blue, & white) - more colors in the future
  • Raised playing grid (same as pre-1995 deluxe version game) - fits all styles of tiles
  • 9.0 inch top quality plastic turntable w/steel roller bearings - non-skid foot pads on base
  • two (2) extra long tile racks (unstained) are included
  • ALSO INCLUDED - Laptop style tote bag with reinforced carry handles and adjustable (padded) shoulder strap. The main (dual-zippered) compartment opens to lay flat. One open side has room for board and turntable (w/velcro closure), and 2 large pockets on opposite side. There is large (zippered) pocket with ample room for an Adjudicator timer (or even larger clock), tile racks, tile bag/tiles, tracking sheets, books, etc. There is also a smaller (zippered) front pocket with slots for pens, business cards, etc. It is also possible to fit a small laptop into the bag with everything else (a tight fit).
  • Board / turntable / carry pouch / tile racks - combined weight is 4.25 lbs. / 2.0 kg (approx.)
  • Also available in the following languages - click on a language to see a sample of the wording

Click on the pictures to see close-ups of boards. Scroll down further to see pictures of the tote bag.

Black - Top Black - Bottom Black - Apart
black foldup board-top black foldup board-bottom black foldup board-apart

Watermelon - Top Watermelon - Bottom Watermelon - Apart
watermelon foldup board-top watermelon foldup board-bottom watermelon foldup board-apart

Colorless - Top Colorless - Bottom Colorless - Apart
colorless foldup board-top colorless foldup board-bottom colorless foldup board-apart

Blue - Top Blue - Bottom Blue - Apart
blue foldup board-top blue foldup board-bottom blue foldup board-apart

White - Top White - Bottom White - Apart
white foldup board-top white foldup board-bottom white foldup board-apart

Tote bag (and 2 tile racks) included with board - Click on the pictures to see close-ups.

Tote Bag - Closed Tote Bag - Front Pocket
tote bag - fold-up board - closed tote bag - fold-up board - front pocket

Tote Bag - Main Pocket Tote Bag - Middle Pocket
tote bag - fold-up board - main pocket tote bag - fold-up board - middle pocket